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Dani Bui is a young fresh faced singer with a background in Vietnamese & English pop music. Born in Australia to a Vietnamese mother & Bruneian father Dani showed no early indication of her future intrest in music.


It was not until her high school years that Dani began to express her love for all things musical. Then at the tender age of 15 did she began performing at small vietnamese community events.


As her experience & popularity increased Dani continued to perform at clubs & functions whilst completing her Bachelor of Pharmacy at Sydney University.


Dani B band


After singing for numerous Vietnamese bands in Sydney Dani hoped to expand her repetoire to include younger more current english music. Together with Khung Quarr (keys), Tu Tran (drums) & Dityo Bramantyo (bass) she formed the Dani B band.


The band launched in October 2013 and have been busy with weddings and funtions since then.


The Dani B band caters to Brides & Grooms who have a love for fun top 40 pop music with a dash of old skool & a hint of that intimate sentimental feel.


The Dani B band also works with a variety of other vocalists and is able to cater to english, vietnamese, chinese & cambodian audiences.



Dung & Dani​


In 2011 Dani collaborated with reknowned guitarist Anh Dung Nguyen to put together a few casual acoustic covers to post on Youtube. The duo (known as 'Dung & Dani') had no idea that their Youtube videos would launch their sound to listeners all over the globe.


Their youtube channel has gained them a steady following online with a approximately over 100,000 views.


The duo have come together again to write & produce Dani's debut album titled 'Nhip tim tinh yeu'. The album is set to be released in May 2015.



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